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Founded in 2001, The Whiskey Brothers is Chicagoland's premier Irish band. We play traditional jigs and reels, fun drinking songs, beautiful Irish ballads, American music with an Irish flair, and much more! The Whiskey Brothers aim to add joy, laughter, and excellent music to your evening of drinking with friends, and even foes. 

From corporate gigs, casinos, festivals and senior centers to house parties, libraries, pubs, and any other place where the craic is grand, The Whiskey Brothers are ready to entertain you and yours.

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Danny Marcotte
(Quigley Dunne McGowen)

tin whistle, vocals. mandolin, and guitar

Dan is the founder of the Whiskey Brothers. His dream in life while studying music as a young man was to simply bring communities together through music, just like the Irish do at local pubs. In other words, Dan is living his dream. Sláinte!

Jim Rielley

guitar, vocals, and harmonica

Jimmy designed and built the custom folding session table we use every week at Ballydoyle. Come check it out! He plays a mean guitar, always developing his Irish folk chops, and he's very generous with his whiskey collection. A close second to his love for Irish music is his infatuation with sound technology gadgets and gizmos.

Jeff Teppema

fiddle, vocals, banjo, guitar, and the BIG shaker

Jeff is not only a great fiddle player, he is also the only member of the band that rides himself, and all of his instruments, on a bicycle to gigs. He says it earns him a quality gluten-free beer. A fun fact about Jeff is that sometimes, in between a jig or a reel, he is known to turn himself into a jefficorn. You'll have to come to a show to see for yourself. Be sure to ask him about it!

David Marcotte
(Quigley Dunne McGowen)

bodhrán, vocals, washboard, spoons, jaw harp, and other things that "boom-boom" and "clickety-clack"

Dave brings early american folk percussion to Irish music... actually it's all Irish percussion which was adopted by early american music and then took all the darn credit! Despite many blisters and bruises while playing drums over the years, David is most proud of the fact that he has yet to chip a tooth while playing the jaw harp.

Paula Johannesen

fiddle, vocals

Paula is the newest member of the band. She brings decades of classical music training to Irish folk music, helping to create wonderful contrast with Jeff, our other fiddle player. Within the band, Paula wins first place for owning the biggest collection of music themed clothing.



Note: Super cool Whiskey Brothers branded merchandise like t-shirts, CD's, shot glasses, pint glasses, and more are available for purchase at our live shows. Come join us for a drink and a song!


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